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A member of the Chartered Institute for Editors and Proofreaders, Woody is fully qualified and has copy-edited and proofread over 45 academic books published by Taylor and Francis Ltd. in the UK and the US. She also edited Poetic Form and Metre, published by Wooden Books Ltd., which was then later published as an imprint of Bloomsbury US.   

Why is proofreading and editing a useful investment? 



Having errors on your business website or leaflets can look unprofessional and can lead to a loss of customers. Using careful and grammatically correct phrasing on your business documents or website can prevent a potential customer or client misunderstanding what you are offering. It also ensures that you come across as a business that pays attention to the detail. By having your website professionally proofread and / or edited, you are making a one-off, but vitally important, investment into the public face of your business. 


If you have spent the last few months or years researching and writing your dissertation or thesis, you will know how close you are to obtaining the grade you have worked so hard to achieve and the qualification which will enable you to access the career of your dreams. Perhaps you are close to the submission deadline but don't feel confident about your own proofreading skills. That's where I can help! I can ensure that all your sleepless nights and draining days are not let down by unfortunate errors of spelling, grammar or punctuation. I can check your references, figures, images and bibliography and ensure that there are no omissions which could lead to a charge of plagiarism. By having your academic work professionally proofread, you are making a one-off investment to ensure the quality of your work. 



What is the difference between proofreading and editing? 

Proofreading is carried out to spot errors in a piece of writing prior to completion. These may include the following:

  • spelling

  • punctuation

  • grammar

  • clarity of phrasing

  • formatting, e.g., fonts, italics or bold type, style of headings, columns, lists, bullet points etc.

  • adherence to particular 'styles'

  • academic referencing 

Editing is a much deeper process which involves making changes that go beyond correcting errors or lack of clarity. It focus on how information or ideas are communicated and ensures that your text is well organised, easy to understand and suitable for its target audience. 

To discuss a project or request a quote, please 

LinkedIn reviews about my work

In August 2015, Woody was in charge of copy editing an edited volume consisting of eleven chapters on life in contemporary rural Japan. She did a marvelous job of editing all chapters speedily and meticulously - within only one week. Her service to the book, the editor and the authors has been reliable, fast, and very professional.


Woody was editor / proofreader for two of my (maths education) books. This presents quite a challenge in terms of detail, accuracy and interpreting 'maths' English. Woody was perceptive, meticulous  and a great pleasure to work with. Thanks. 


Woody is a thorough, accurate and efficient copyeditor. She did an excellent job of copy editing my book, which included five chapters of prose and a large collection of primary source documents. She is detail-oriented, professional, and a friendly person to work with. Thanks!


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