Does your child struggle with English?  Are you concerned about their English reports and grades? I can help your son or daughter to feel more engaged with the subject. I can help them to find their creative voices so they feel more able to experiment  with their creative writing. I can help them to understand poetry, fiction, drama and non-fiction. One-to-one guidance outside class helps children to develop greater confidence in their abilities. 


Is your child feeling stressed about their English courses? Are you worried about their grades in English? Using successful strategies, I can help your child to improve their essay writing, literary analysis, descriptive writing, narrative writing, non-fiction writing and analysis. With guided support, I can help your child to feel more confident about their English studies. Self-belief is the key to success. 

A Level

Is your son or daughter feeling  anxious about getting into their university of choice?  Do they need extra support in their A-Level or IB English courses? With syllabus-specific training and experience teaching both programmes, I can teach your child the key skills needed to access high grades in English Literature and English Language.  I can improve their revision techniques and the ways they approach exam questions.  I can help your child to feel better prepared and more confident in reaching their true potential.

Tutoring SERVICE

I tutor students based in the UK and overseas (via Zoom) from age 9 years upwards


  • Y5-Y9 English (English and English as a second language)

  • GCSE / IGCSE English Literature, English Language, English as a First Language

  • IGCSE English as a Second Language

  • AS Level English Literature

  • A Level English Literature

  • IB English A: Language and Literature, IB English A: Literature

  • IB English B

I also provide entrance exam preparation:

  • 11+  

  • 13

  • 16+

  • verbal reasoning 

  • UKiset

  • ISEB

  • IELTS 

Lessons are taught online

These are arranged via Zoom using my private meeting room. To add two further levels of security, I ensure that all meetings are password-protected and have a waiting room enabled so that it is impossible to access the meeting without my consent. These measures ensure that your child is safe. 

Prices vary, depending on the level and number of students, so please contact me. I provide the following:

  • an individual programme of study

  • friendly and fun lessons

  • weekly marked homework with feedback and topic-specific targets

Homework is sent via email to parents after each lesson.

Medium- and long-term packages with discounts are available upon request

To discuss your child's needs or to book a trial lesson, please contact me 

Reviews from former students

Ms. Woody skillfully filled the role of my teacher of Cambridge international AS Level English Language and Literature at Ulink College of Suzhou Industrial Park. This course was quite challenging for non-native speakers like me who came across English Literature for the first time, but Ms. Woody made it go smoothly by using well-prepared course materials with detailed annotations, patient explanation of mistakes appearing in my essays, and comprehensive review sessions before exams. Ms. Woody carefully went through all of my practice essays and talked to me about them, which enhanced my English writing skills to a large extent. Thanks to her help, I achieved the highest standard mark in China for this course in 2018, and got the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award. 




Ms. Woody River is a skilful and intuitive teacher who aided me in obtaining my GCSE English. Due to experiencing learning difficulties throughout school, I sought extra tuition. Woody fulfilled this role spectacularly. She was able to explain areas I was having difficulties with, she helped to review my essays and coursework, and she patiently explained my mistakes. She also taught me how to comprehend difficult texts and how to manage and structure my time effectively when it came to exams. Thanks to her talents and understanding, I was able to pass my GCSE English and go on to study at college and university. 


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