“I can’t wait for the next course” – Pat, South West region WEA / CASA learner

Woody’ s course on American Literature was a delightful experience.  It was very well planned and covered a wide range of writing, illustrated not only with well chosen excerpts of text, but also with film clips, music and the recorded voice. Lively discussion and time for reflection on how the works linked to ‘The American Dream’ has given me a new perspective in my reading and has introduced me to some authors whose works were unfamiliar to me.  Thank you, Woody. I can’t wait for the next course.

- Pat, South West region WEA / CASA learner.

“Woody is an excellent tutor” – Mike, South West region WEA / CASA learner

Japanese Literature course

This course introduced Japanese poetry, short stories and novels in a very interesting and absorbing way.  Woody opened each session with a brief biography of the writer and an explanation of their influences and interests. She then invited the group to read aloud extracts from some of the works. This was followed by reflection and open discussion.  Video and audio clips were used as appropriate.

Woody’s enthusiasm was infectious but she never allowed it to dictate what the group members should think.  Every individual was allowed plenty of time to express his or her opinions and each was given serious consideration. Woody is an excellent tutor. She develops good rapport with the students and enables group members to relate well to one another. She responds quickly and appropriately to suggestions and comments and is always sensitively aware of any participant who may need extra help or support. I am sure that any course tutored by Woody would be well worth attending and a rewarding experience.

- Mike, South West region WEA / CASA learner