“I particularly appreciate the creative approach Woody brings” – Sara, Frome Community Education learner.

I have now attended two of Woody’s courses: Romantic Poets in the South West  and 20th century American Literature.

I have enjoyed both. I agree with other students of Woody’s who find her approach stimulating, interesting and her infectious enthusiasm  makes me want to learn more about our subject. I am a lifelong  avid reader and it is a treat to find new authors or discover new things about ones I have already read.

I particularly  appreciate the creative approach Woody brings in introducing other texts or ideas to illustrate the work of the writer we are studying.

She is good at encouraging discussion among the group and for boosting confidence in her learners so all feel able to contribute opinions  and ideas.

I would strongly recommend  attendance at Woody’s courses.

- Sara, Frome Community Education learner

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